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Barack Obama - State of the Union Address 2014 free essay sample

Alabama faces two issues in regards to race relations. One is feeling worn out on the work similarly as the blonde young lady in the old joke, who swims most of the way over a lake, announces she is too drained to even think about making it as far as possible, and afterward swims back to the side she began on. In the event that the inhabitants of Alabama become worn out on advancing, they as well, may some time or another end up back where they began. We will compose a custom article test on The subsequent risk is for the individuals of Alabama or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now The work of ages, at that point, would be squandered. The subsequent peril is for the individuals of Alabama to accept that enough advancement has been made. It is anything but difficult to consider one’s own age as the most progressive in the entirety of time. However, a glance back at history shows that past ages felt a similar way. An assessment of the perspectives and activities of the progressives in the past reveals some insight into how far Alabama has come and how far it may in any case need to go. Numerous individuals today depict slave drivers as underhanded, rough men, who beat their slaves continually and dismissed their needs. This is anything but a totally exact picture. For sure, previous Alabama slave Alice Gaston[i] (Gaston, 1941, p. 1) in a 1941 meeting with Robert Sonkin the accompanying: All the white people that know me, they treats me pleasant. What's more, in the event that I need anything, I’ll request it. I was instructed in that a manner by my old ace. Don’t take, don’t lie, and in the event that you need anything, request it. Be straightforward in what you get. That was what I was raised up with. Furthermore, I’m that a way today. Another previous slave, Isom Moseley likewise said that he’d worked for, â€Å"might great white folks.† (Moseley, 1941) He recalled the white individuals having shoes for the kids and the old.  Similarly, previous slave Joe MacDonald reviewed that his lord had ensured he was instructed, with the goal that he would be dealt with well by other white individuals, when the ace and his significant other had â€Å"died and gone to heaven.† (MacDonald, 1940) One slave proprietor fathered a kid by a dark lady. Rather than denying his paternity, James T. Rapier’s father recognized him and employed a private mentor to instruct him covertly, on the grounds that Alabama law, at that point, didn't permit blacks to be educated.[ii]  Rapier chosen for the forty-third congress in 1873 as a republican. However, in certain pieces of the state, slaves were dealt with gravely †especially in the soonest years. In 1824, slaves in Montgomery dwarfed whites. Around half of Alabama’s heads of family unit were slave proprietors. As the quantity of slaves in Alabama expanded, so did per capita riches. In fact, in 1930, per capita riches was $700, which was unparalleled by some other piece of the country.[1] These variables lead numerous whites to fear dark revolt. In the event that Alabama blacks ascended against whites, the dwarfed whites probably won't have the option to stop them. In this manner, many dreaded for their lives. Others dreaded losing their fortunes. In the event that blacks were liberated, when incredible southerners would need to contend with industrialized northerner families in the American economy. It would be incredibly difficult for them to contend. [iii] White dread lead to expanded mistreatment. While, for a period, there were free blacks in Alabama, the administration pursued them out in 1839. An article from The New-Yorker in 1839 announces, â€Å"By a law of the last meeting of the Alabama council, every single free non-white individual who stay in the state after the first of August next are to be enslaved.†[iv] On the off chance that a comparative decision were made today, the paper editors would call for open shock. In 1839, the note is essentially trailed by a notice about yellow fever in New Orleans. Plainly, neither the administration, nor the media thought of blacks as equivalents. However, while the Alabama lawmaking body attempted to free the condition of free blacks, it likewise managed, in 1852, that proprietors should appropriately dress their slaves. As indicated by Mary Jenkins Schwartz, in any case, the law was not upheld and much of the time broken.[v] Jenkins states that since proprietors would not observe the law, slaves who had youngsters made some troublesome memories keeping their kids warm. To be sure, she says, on one Alabama estate, moms would slice openings in gunny sacks to dress their children and daughters.[vi] Slaves were treated on numerous ranches as animals. Jenkins reports that many dozed on roughage. Youngsters were given covers of second rate quality and expected to impart to each other. Kids who didn't work in the fields on one ranch, were not given food recompenses. In this way their folks would need to get creatures like bunnies and raccoons to take care of them. Surely, says Jenkins, a few youngsters would anticipate working in the fields since they would have the option to procure nourishment for themselves to stop their hunger.[vii] The way that estate proprietors thought of slaves similarly as individuals consider creatures is likewise displayed by various archives from Alabama in the 1800’s. For example, in 1852, a Parks Landing manor proprietor offered a prize of fifty dollars for the arrival of his runaway slave, Stephen. It peruses like a lost pet banner. The manor proprietor depicts his slave as, â€Å"A fine looking negro† who is â€Å"between twenty-five and thirty years of age,† â€Å"about six-feet high,† â€Å"copper-colored,† with a â€Å"high front head†. [viii] [1] Jenkins reports that slave proprietors would utilize this to entice slaves into giving their youngsters something to do in the fields. The individuals who did would get, â€Å"one gown apiece.† One kid, who worked conveying water for laborers, earned a shirt, two sets of pantaloons and shoes. [i] Alice Gaston.â â€Å"Interview with Alice Gaston, Gee’s Bend, Alabama,† Voices of Slavery. Library of Congress.  â â â â â â Washington, D.C. 1941. [ii] Eugene Feldman. â€Å"James T. Blade, Negro Congressman from Alabama,† The Phylon Quarterly. Vol 19. No. 3  1958. [iii] Clayton W. Williams â€Å"Early Ante-Bellum Montgomery: A Black-Belt Constituency,† The Journal of Southern  History, Vol. 7, No. 4. Nov. 1941. [iv] â€Å"Free Negroes in Alabama,† The New Yorker. Sep. 14, 1839; 7 26. P. 411 [v] Mary Jenkins Scwartz. Conceived in Bondage: Growing up Enslaved in the Antebellum South. (Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2000). [viii] Levi Parks. â€Å"Poster offering fifty dollars compensation for the catch of a runaway slave Stephen,† American Memory. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 1852. Step by step instructions to refer to The subsequent risk is for the individuals of Alabama, Essays

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Infidelity in Othello Essays -- Othello essays

Treachery in Othello   â Two significant scenes in Othello are the Allurement scene (3.3) and the Willow scene (4.3). In spite of the fact that the subject of conversation in the two scenes is unfaithfulness, the two scenes differentiate more than they look at.  To start with, the setting is distinctive in the two scenes. The vast majority of the Temptation scene happens outside, in a nursery. The environment is open however the discussion smothering. In this scene, Iago fools Othello into trusting Desdemona is going behind his back with Michael Cassio.  In the Temptation scene, Iago invokes pictures of betrayal in the psyche of Othello. After observing Cassio leave the side of Desdemona, Iago looks on the scene with scorn. Clueless Othello asks Iago what's up. Iago discusses Cassio's leaving as steal[ing] away so blameworthy like,/Seeing you coming (3.3.43-44). Along these lines, Iago plants his first seed of disagreement. Next, Desdemona entreats Othello to restore Cassio. Irate at her steadiness, he requests some time alone. In this time alone, he reprimands himself for his dissatisfaction. However Iago attacks this time so he may plant more seeds of envy. Othello realizes that Iago will generally be straightforward, so when Iago appears to be upset at the connection among Cassio and Desdemona, Othello wakes up. Additionally, Iago proceeds by helping Othello to remember Desdemona's double dealing of her dad (3.3.233-235). Now Othello starts to question the loyalty of his better half. Iago takes note of Othello's change saying, I s ee this hath a little ran your spirits (3.3.244). He says, I don't think however Desdemona's honest(3.3.258). Be that as it may, two lines later he declares, But, nature blundering from itself- - (3.3.260). At that point Othello starts a discourse communicating, This current individual's [Iago] of surpassing trustworthiness (... ...ons. The primary subject of conversation is the equivalent in the two scenes. However the characters approach the inquiry in various manners. Besides, every scene has a manly character and a ladylike character. At last, the distinctions in aloofness and forcefulness shift from character to character.  Works Cited and Consulted: Bevington, David, ed. William Shakespeare: Four Tragedies. New York: Bantam Books, 1980. Ferguson, Francis. Two Worldviews Echo Each Other. Readings on The Tragedies. Ed. Clarice Pitt, Angela. Ladies in Shakespeare's Tragedies. Readings on The Tragedies. Ed. Clarice Swisher. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1996. Republish from Shakespeare's Women. N.p.: n.p., 1981. Shakespeare, William. Othello. In The Electric Shakespeare. Princeton University. 1996. No line nos.

ompare and contrast the role of two minor characters from two different plays Essay Example For Students

ompare and differentiate the job of two minor characters from two distinct plays Essay In the play Twelfth Night Maria is a sitting tight woman of honor for Lady Olivia. She predominantly fills the role of an impetus and shows an enthusiasm for playing jokes especially on Malvolio. Another holding up woman of her word is Charmian in the play Antony and Cleopatra. She can best be depicted as a reliable hireling and companion to Cleopatra. Both of these ladies assume huge jobs in their separate plays in spite of the fact that they don't fill for a similar need. Maria job in Twelfth night is to create mischief. In spite of the fact that she is a hireling to Olivia she isn't really considering Olivia when she attempts to authorize the guidelines. This is demonstrated when Maria says My woman will hang thee for thy nonattendance. (Act I Sc. 5 Line 3). She is overstating however it is intriguing how as opposed to stating, You should be here! she says, My woman will slaughter you when she sees you. It more appears as though Maria is attempting to disclose to Feste how much difficulty he is in then to chasten him. This is rather than how I trust Charmian would have taken care of the circumstance. Charmian is depicted as a companion to Cleopatra and in this manner is really contemplating satisfying Cleopatra. In a similar circumstance Charmian would have been angrier that Feste left and that he didn't consider Olivia. This shows the various ways that Maria and Charmian feel about serving their Lady. Charmian and Maria both have a similar obligation to serve their Lady however the significance of each as a holding up courteous lady is extraordinary. Olivia and Cleopatra are both in the last demonstration of their separate plays yet in Twelfth Night, Maria is not a single where to be seen. A large portion of the cast goes ahead stage however Maria never does. In Antony and Cleopatra, Charmian is in front of an audience with Cleopatra for nearly the entire last act. This recommends the capacity Shakespeare planned for the two characters was altogether different. Charmian was for the most part intended to be a supporting character for Cleopatra. This can be found in scenes, for example, Act I Scene 5 where Cleopatra and Charmian have a cordial discussion wherein they joke around about men. Shakespeares work for Maria was as an impetus that would assist with spreading the cunning going on in the play. She is a coordinator of the stunt played on Malvolio. Ironicly she is a worker and burns through the greater part of the play bossing individuals around. A case of this is the point at which she says: Nay, I prithee, put on this outfit and this whiskers; make him beleive thou craftsmanship Sir Topas the minister. Do it uickly. Sick consider Sir Toby the while. (Act IV Scene 2) In this scene in spite of the fact that she isn't straightforwardly associated with talking with or deluding Malvolio, she has forced different characters to do it for her. She has one scene (Act II Scene 5 Lines 15-30) where she really participates in deceiving Malvolio by dropping the letter that Malvolio will discover yet she rapidly leaves and just Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Fabian are left. During Twelfth Night, Maria is in numerous scenes alone with individuals other than Olivia. It gives the feeling that she is sneaking around behind Olivias back or is dismissing her. This is - Olivias time of grieving yet Maria isn't with her for a lot of the play. Alternitavly, Charmian is never in a scene without Cleopatra being there as well. Indeed, even in the last snapshots of her life Cleopatras body is close to her (Act V Sc. 2 Lines 310-328). The characters of Charmian and Maria vary in their jobs, measure of obligation that they have to their bosses, association with different characters, how much, when, where, and with whom they show up in front of an audience. In spite of the fact that they are both women of honor their characters are amazingly extraordinary and fill an exceptional need in each play.

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E-Commerce Infrastructure Essay

Official SUMMARY Globalization has principally made it feasible for worldwide exchange and business association between neighboring nations as a pattern of the current society exist. Absolutely, the point of the human culture to stay inside the extent of financial advancement and keep focusing on better outcomes for beneficial progressions in the general public, the development of various kinds of organizations has been a lot of conceivable to happen. Business fans got more intrepid than they for the most part are in confronting the difficulties of building up new wave business substances, which they accept, would carry change to the human culture and how they see the advanced living.  â â â â â â â â â â Hence, business associations who are especially attempting to make it inside the business of the worldwide exchange must have the option to understand that the possibility of globalization is influencing the significant organizations around the world. To have the option to execute the progressions required by a specific association with respects the usage of the new dynamic methods towards an all the more mechanically adapting association; the organization needing the change needs to take care of a few territories of thought. Concerning this issue, it is first essential to examine a few natural factors that could really influence a certain organization’s ability of confronting the progressions that it should draw in with inside the worldwide scene.  â â â â â â â â â â The developing advancements that innovation and correspondences have taken so far have been a basic piece of the developing arrangement of mechanical applications. Alongside the innovative headways, the social living of people additionally is additionally upgraded. Both financial and social ways of life were progressing however there was no rest in acquiring the most ideal advancement that the designers of innovative frameworks needed. With the acquaintance of PCs with the general public, the simpler method of living and finishing ordinary errands has become a pattern for some modern specialists. (Deitel, et al, 2004, 15)  â â â â â â â â â â However, as referenced prior, the advancement according to the ones who are responsible for the upgrade of the working frameworks is endless. Consequently, in spite of the fact that there were at that point some incredible accomplishments regarding the created working frameworks, things improved each time there are new advancements presented (Warford, 2005, 41). The majority of the areas of the whole society really relied upon innovation since the time the time it was first acquainted with the human progress. It couldn't be denied then that among the said parts are business substances.  The web and World Wide Web: E-trade foundation Presentation  â â â â â â â â â â  The e-showcasing framework is for all intents and purposes a methodology that is created utilizing the present mechanical headway especially in the data innovation field. This procedure uses basically the correspondence components of the data innovation, for example, through intuitive publicizing, internet searcher showcasing, blog advertising, show publicizing, viral advertising, web postings, and others to advance the items, administrations and picture of the business association towards general society. In dissecting the e-advertising procedure of an online association, it is critical to complicatedly consider the basically the site of the said association and the promoting standards inserted on it. By investigating their primary site, one can fundamentally know the structure, objectives, operational methodology, and other pertinent realities of the association, which are important realities for the improvement of the individual observation and picture of the business for the open mindfulness. This site offers huge informations about the association from their optimal objectives, hierarchical nature, and even their business conditions, which can be gotten from their downloadable yearly and social obligation report. What's more, the e-promoting approach of this site takes into account the deal nature as well as to the data battle and human capital sourcing of the association as offered by their choices of truth sheets, business opportunity mindfulness, and different administrations. All in all, this site principally turns into a successful showcasing instrument for the association.  â â â â â â â â â â The e-showcasing approach of the various associations run from different procedures, for example, through their primary site which advances show publicizing of their items, intelligent promoting where the shoppers can contact the association for noteworthy deals and business concerns, web search tool advertising which offer the administration of facilitating the perusing action of the survey open. In that capacity, the site becomes both a special methodology and a business related intelligent mechanism for the business associations wherein the last can relate further to the requirements and worries of their objective customers. With respects the issue being noted in this, the inquiries that could be considered are as per the following: How significant is e-showcasing and web based shopping with regards to the accommodation of the purchasers today? How compelling are the methodologies of the present e-promoting frameworks to the individuals of the present society? Are there potential approaches to encourage the solace of the individuals being overhauled through web based shopping? BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Everything begins with a dream. From a dream comes plans, and from plans come satisfaction of the vision. Vision and plans are the essential components for beginning any business. A business visionary must forces the vision and assurance required for a person to get effective inside the business; be that as it may, these components are not exclusively the required necessities. Vision and plans are the theoretical components that add to business procedures henceforth engaging the business visionary to proceed with whatever it is that he has begun. Different components incorporate capital, land [place of business headquarters] and the individuals power.  â â â â â â â â â â The components that were referenced basically offer substance to the business itself. The capital is more on the fiscal asset expected to begin the business. Now and again, this specific asset originates from a gathering of business people who choose to cooperate for a specific association, or then again, it is sourced out from advancing or from the pocket of the business person himself. Sooner or later, the capital really decides the size of the business. Land or the zone expected for the business base camp is relying upon what sort of business is wanted to be built up. On the off chance that the business should take into account a few customers, there ought to be a spot expected for them that would be a lot of helpful for business exchanges. Nonetheless, if the business is online [which is at pattern right now] or other locally established organizations, the territory of business branch would not be a lot of an issue since the exchanges are to be done at any advantageous spot conceivable. The individuals power additionally relies upon the size of business that is being set up.  â â â â â â â â â â Whatever sort of business is being set up, it is important that the business people make sure that the various segments of the business, particularly that of the individuals power are all around dealt with. The accomplishment of the business normally relies upon the capacity of the business people to adjust the optimistic strategic well as the exercises of the association as a business substance. This also incorporates the legalities of the association and its nearby association with the current laws for business associations.  â â â â â â â â â â It could be noticed that opening or building up a business association isn't that simple to manage. The primary long stretches of activity towards the principal year for the most part manages the various difficulties of compelling techniques made to put the association inside the current rivalry. Entering a specific business association and attempting to make it inside the business is an extraordinary test to everybody needing to make an extensive notoriety in the general public. In any case, when these specific difficulties have been effectively met by the new business visionaries, the persistent advancement of the said new settled association could be guaranteed. This however doesn't imply that advancements are as of now to stop once the business has been set up. Concerning a reality, the foundation ought to just stamp the start of the dynamic advancements planned to enable the entire association to stay inside rivalry as long as it exists inside the business.  â â â â â â â â â â From this specific area of the investigation, it could be seen that the essential explanations behind building up a business ought not exclusively be lead by the need or the need of the business visionaries in increasing gainful outcomes structure the business. It ought to be obvious to the business visionaries that the said operational act needs to get adequate time for arranging and consideration on the upsides and downsides of the circumstance. From this specific evaluation of business openings, the chance of making an effective wellspring of benefit could be distinguished in a positive perspective.  â â â â â â â â â â It has been positively worried that the various components of business should be given cautious consideration inside the arranging methodology. Cautiously giving the said components adequate time of perception will give the business people to offer some kind of reparation on the conceivable frail connections that could cause the disappointment of the business later on. Recognizing the Marketing Approach to be Used Advertising is one specific part of business that manages all the limited time parts of a specific business association. Eventually, this specific segment o

Leaders Their Role and Impact on Business

Leaders Their Role and Impact on Business It is an open secret that modern business leaders have to play many roles and serve multiple audiences.They wear different hats at the same time but communicate one primary vision.Most importantly, they have to ensure that their leadership style and decisions provide proper guidance to their followers and subordinates.Jack Welch of Jack Welch Institute lists some important roles of a leader in this video. People also expect effective business leaders like you to have qualities like decisiveness, self-awareness, fairness, enthusiasm, integrity, and creativity and innovation, and other essential attributes. These attributes are difficult to maintain for a long time, but a leader cannot succeed without them.Some of the leadership roles are applicable to every situation regardless of the type of the industry, the size of the organization or whether it is a public or private business.The leader is not born with all these qualities and therefore, he has to learn them as he grows in stature . Apart from learning, they must continually develop and practice these skills to stay relevant in the industry.The primary responsibility of any kind of a leader is to solve the problems. Leadership is the process of leading and encouraging employees to attain your business goals and objectives. Leadership also plays a pivotal part in enhancing employees’ performance and productivity.You, as a business leader, must perform many different duties as the need may be. You must be regular and always ready to adapt.You can be a communicator, a thinker, a decision maker, a team builder, and an image builder at the same time. You must learn everything you need to do to develop a strong and happy team, reach your goals, and succeed as a leader.Jack Zenger proves that great leaders can double profits for their business in his article published in Forbes. He further explains his point with the help of the following chart. Source: forbes.comPeople generally think a company achieves success because of its business strategy.Although the business strategy does contribute heavily to the success, yet there are many other reasons which amount to the rise of an organization and strong leadership is one of them.It is also a fact that people do not follow a leader but someone they want to follow. It may sound like a paradox, but unless you have personal charisma, ambition or dumb luck, you cannot lead successfully.Catherine Hill, the Human Resource Specialist at the Worksense Solutions states that:We sometimes think great Leadership requires great charisma, and although that certainly helps to sell a story, it is not enough, or even essential. At a very basic level, a great Leader clearly articulates what is required, and then does what they say they will do.It is so simple, yet so frequently ignored. If you want to lead, if you want people to follow you, they have to see that you will do what you say you will do.THE ROLE OF A BUSINESS LEADERA business leader is just like a chameleon.On any given day, you may be a strategic thinker inspiring your employees to embrace your vision.Then you can morph into a team builder striving to bring the best possible talent to your business.The very next moment, you may take up the role of a decision maker helping your business to advance. In essence, all the leaders are good storytellers playing key roles to ensure the growth and progress of their organizations.After going through the profiles of a number of highly successful business leaders, the following are some common duties performed by all of them irrespective of their age, gender, location or size of their company.A Business Leader is an AnalystA business leader should also be an astute analyst. You must have the ability to comprehend what is going around not only in your organization but in your industry as well.Similarly, you must analyze everything deeply and acutely to keep your business in order and prevent any disaster. It is also imperative for you to review the efficiency and the progress of your business as well as your core activities.Being a business leader cum analyst also means it is your job to review your financial situation and conduct a competitive analysis on regular occasions.You also have to conduct customers and market analysis from time to time. Finally, you will use all the knowledge and data acquired through these analyses to redefine your business strategy and goals.A Business Leader Structures His BusinessIt is also the role of a leader to properly structure his business.In fact, the structure of an organization can have a huge effect on its overall growth.Therefore, it should be your priority to find the best possible organizational structure for your business. For instance, owners of small businesses tend to favor horizontal structures with a wide span of authority and fewer management layers.You must start contemplating about a more robust lea dership and organizational structure the moment you think of expanding your business.For example, smaller organizations generally go for traditional vertical structures when they start growing and hiring more employees.The characteristic feature of these structures is the organizational hierarchy with more management layers.Every type of organizational structure has its merits and demerits. You can choose any structure you deem fit for your organization.Some of the factors you should consider while making this decision are the companys culture, size, goals, and vision.You as a business leader should have enough experience and foresight to pick or even create the best structure for your business.You Need to Conceive Ideas and Future ProjectsLeaders conceive ideas and initiate projects for future growth. You can solicit help from your colleagues and subordinates, but it is you who have to determine whether or not to proceed with a project.Similarly, you also have to take responsibilit y for your actions rather than blaming others if the project fails to achieve its objectives.It is also important for you to forecast future business trends to set the right direction of your business. To lead your business effectively and successfully, you have to stay on top of the looming changes, evolving technologies, and your competitors.Keep studying the industry for the potential changes and plan in advance about how to tackle them.Dont forget that business forecasting is not a one time process. It can be short term, spanning only over a couple of years to long term stretching over 5 years to a decade.A Business Leader Needs to CommunicateEffective communication is the greatest strength of some of the most successful business leaders. They use all levels of communication to reach out to every stakeholder, customers, and members of the staff.They also strongly promote and encourage the exchange of information within the organization.All types of communication channels such as online, written and verbal communication used by business leaders happen to be consistent and clearly define what the purpose of their organization is.The following is a wonderful video by Nike Academy, which explains the relationship between communication and leadership. Successful business leaders also have their own unique style of communication. It is honest, fair and open. They can easily adapt their communication style to almost every situation and any kind of audience.These leaders do not impose their point of view on others but listen to everyone, including those who oppose them.True leaders also make necessary changes in their direction and communication style as the need arises.A Business Leader is Also a ThinkerYou cannot become an effective leader if you are not a strategic thinker.Some of the main responsibilities of a leader involve understanding how different sections of the organization work together.You have to comprehend how your organization can react to both int ernal and external changes.It is also the primary function of the leadership to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its business, recognize the opportunities it has, and the threats it is facing. This is only possible if you have the ability to think strategically.Strategic thinking also requires you to gauge the influence of current and future economic and business predictions on strategic business objectives.Also, remember that the operational business goals should never be in conflict with your strategic goals.Above all, you must keep a close eye on your current and potential competitors and try to counter their strategies with the policies of your own.A Leader is a Decision MakerEffective decision making on the part of leadership is essential for the survival of any business.You are under the obligation of developing a consistent approach towards problems solving and business analysis to improve overall decision making within your organization.Similarly, it is imperative fo r you to evaluate the impact of the decisions you are going to make on all the stakeholders.Effective decision making also involves drawing on your own experience and knowledge as well as the collective knowledge and experience of your team.This is, in fact, the easiest method to recognize current and potential problems and make unanimous decisions about how to solve them. It will also make sure the final decision or solution fully compliments your organizations vision and mission.A Leader is a Team BuilderHappy and fully engaged teams are an integral part of any business. Once again, it is the leader who digs out individuals from different backgrounds and experiences and groups them as a team.If you are a leader, you must also ensure that you keep your team informed of all the decisions, plans, developments and issues for them to be engaged and effective.Continuously providing feedback about whether or not they are doing their job the right way is yet another great technique to kee p them happy and motivated.Learn why team building is important to become a good leader. Individuals are more likely to respond to the strategic business goals meaningfully if you let them work with other like-minded people. Appreciating employees for their contribution is also part of the effective team building process.Team members also expect you to fully recognize and admire their work. Another thing you can do is to regularly review their performance and appropriately recognize it to make them feel more confident in their abilities.Members of a highly motivated team also receive regular feedback from their leader. Moreover, Provide them with equal development and growth opportunities as well as incentives to boost their morale.On the other hand, empowering them to excel in their areas of specialty and fueling their creativity will also result in more employees participation and initiatives.The following graph shows how good leaders increase engagement for their employees and th eir employee’s employees too. Source: hbr.orgA Leader is an Image BuilderA leader has to do a number of things to build a good image for himself and his organization.Achieving the highest level of personal success in addition to driving employees growth requires you to consistently demonstrate professionalism, integrity, and fairness.You can also command respect by being more accommodating to the individual as well as collective needs of your employees. Being responsive, open-minded and truthful about your own professional problems will also build your credibility.Only demand extraordinary performance from your employees if you can lead them from the front. Sitting idle in your office and expecting them to do all the work is not going to produce the results you want.In a highly effective organization, a high level of performance is observed across the board. The leaders and the senior managers do as much work as the junior managers and the general staff.Lastly, always remain open, ethical and above board in your business and personal dealings. It is the only way to improve your influence and credibility and build trust with your team members and peers.A Leader Humanizes the BusinessWhile the main focus of a manager is the business, a true leader always works for people’s welfare. A successful leader like Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Jeff Weiner has strong ties with fellow leaders and their own employees and this is what you need to do.No one is asking you to be unprofessional and go out of the way to support people. In fact, you have to respond to their issues without compromising professionalism.A good leader achieves this by showing concern for the employees problems or recognizing them for good performance.The enhanced focus on people ultimately results in better customer care and support as well.A Leader Builds BridgesBuilding bridges between different sections of the organization is the leaders greatest responsibility.No matter how hard you try to keep various sections connected, a time comes when the team members get too focused on their jobs or their respective sections.This is the time when you have to remind them of the collective business goals and objectives and what they are working for.For instance, asking various sections to partner with each other while creating a new product will improve mutual coordination and cooperation.Vision CastingLast but not least; leaders create the companys vision and mission. They also help and enable their employees to understand both of them and work towards achieving a common goal.A company without a clear vision is just like a ship without sails.As a matter of fact, you can end up making poor decisions and stifle the businesss growth if you do not have any plans for the future. However, setting a vision is not enough.Your employees will find it really hard to embrace it if it is not SMART and practical.For example, your company’s mission is to “sell one million units of cars in the next 5 years.” It is a very detaile d and practical vision. You can also assign different parts of your vision to different departments.In this particular case, the manufacturing department will have to manufacture one million cars during the next five years.The public relations departments will observe popular automotive trends before you can launch the new model.Finally, the marketing and sales department will be responsible for promoting the new car in the market and attracting more customers.This particular video elaborates how leaders can align the company’s vision with its goals. A Leader Encourages Continuous LearningEach employee in your organization has something to teach, regardless of his experience and seniority level. A good leader has an in-depth knowledge of how his business works.He tries to learn more and more about every employee in his organization instead of only considering them as laborers.In simple words, you have to show a greater interest in the welfare and betterment of your employees.A rea l business leader also considers mistakes as part of experiential learning. Instead of admonishing people for any mishap, a leader understands that mistakes are an opportunity to learn new things.Similarly, leaders also foster innovation and creativity within their workplace, strongly believing in the idea that they help people develop existing and new skills.Similarly, a leader also provides promising leaders with every opportunity to grow and flourish.Introducing a culture of learning and exploring has become ever so important in the modern business world. It is no longer enough to just keep up with others if you wish to have a face-paced working environment.The desire to constantly improve your existing skills and acquire new ones will also enhance collaboration and creativity among your employees in addition to creating a fun and high-performance workplace.THE IMPACT OF GOOD LEADERSHIP ON THE BUSINESSWe have already discussed some of the most important roles a leader has to play .Moving forward, we will highlight some of the ways in which a good leader can have a positive impact on the overall performance and results of a business.The following video explains how to have a positive influence and impact on your business. A company, no matter big or small, needs good leadership to flourish.There is no second opinion about that. But, what type of leadership is good for your own business?In general, a good leader is the one who lifts the company from the shambles, empowers it to take on the challenges it is facing and enables it to move forward in the right direction.If you are a leader who does not have the required skills, you will not succeed in effectively motivating your employees.The obvious outcome will be poor performance and the failure to attract new customers. Ultimately, your company will start declining and vanish from the horizon with the passage of time.Good leaders are always aware of the fact that their personal success depends upon the success of their companies and employees.Therefore, they provide them with every opportunity to excel and shine in their roles. These leaders work as a part of the team and focus on achieving the common goals.How to be a Successful LeaderThere are many things you can do to become successful.For instance, successful leaders recognize the value of teamwork and making the most of everyones skills.You simply cannot win the respect and trust of others if you are not willing to work with your team to achieve a collective objective.Different members of the team have varied traits and personalities. It is advisable to accommodate these differences instead of driving everyone with the same stick. Approachability is another hallmark of great leaders.You must make it easier for your customers to contact you. They should also be confident that you will lend an ear to their problems and solve them.Employees should also feel easy and relaxed whenever you are around. It will also make it more convenient for you to motivate them to carry on their duties diligently.Here is a brilliant infographic explaining how you can become a successful leader. Getting Fit to Lead. Source:  michiganstateuniversityonline.comLead by ExampleLeading by example is the best method to have a greater impact on your business. You partners, employees, and all other stakeholders will constantly observe your strategies and policies.They will never stop gauging your commitment to your work and organization.You also have to take accountability for your decisions and actions and learn from your mistakes. Good leaders never hesitate to commit that they have made a mistake. Later on, they also leave no stone unturned to rectify the error.Good leaders are never afraid of taking calculated risks. Leaders’ true test of abilities and strength are the situations that demand immediate and tough decisions.A great leader will never dither in such circumstances. He makes quick, solid and sometimes dangerous decisions which an ordinary leader cannot even think about.A skillful and determined leader will always stand firm about his decisions as well.While it is not necessary to be part of all the business operations, it is important for you to always participate in the planning process.Attending important business meetings will further motivate your employees and boost their morale.Another characteristic of a good leader is that he or she encourages all the team members to give their best for organizational development and success.Exemplary CharacterYou cannot have any influence or impact on your business if you have a questionable character. All the good leaders we know today have exemplary character, to say the least.You as a leader need to live your life with integrity and honesty if you want others to respect you.People should also be able to trust you.As it is often said, a good leader is always a man of his words. Therefore, never back off from your promises and words.Otherwise, you will lose your right to leadership. It is your trustworthiness and good character which compels people to trust and respect you. It is as simple as that.Comm unicate OpenlyYou must master the art of clear communication if you want your company to reach new heights of success.In this regard, hearing what your employees have to say will go a long way in ensuring that you give directives which actually drive results.Leaders listen with empathy, address concerns, respond to questions and above all, solve others’ problem to gain their trust.Right DirectionAnother essential characteristic of great leadership is the desire and vision to break out of the ordinary and normal.Such leaders do not only aim at higher things, but they also take practical steps to get what they want.Foreseeing what is achievable and attaining one goal at a time to get to the final destination is the main quality of good leaders.By doing so, they also bring a positive change to others’ lives as well.OptimismSome of the very best leaders in the world are highly optimistic and a source of constant inspiration and energy for their followers.They are genuinely concerned about the welfare of their employees and the general public.They are always available and intrinsically helpful. They know how to motivate, inspire and reassure others. They have the uncanny ability to find a solution to any problem no matter how complex it is.They never let pessimistic thinking and personal criticism get even close to them. They keep on looking for new ways to build consensus and to get people to work together.Honesty is the Best PolicyStrong leaders treat people according to their personality, thoughts, and requirements. They are among the most ethical people you will ever find. They strongly believe you cannot achieve success without reliability, effort, and honesty.In fact, not even a single employee can doubt their integrity because they embody these principles so overtly and vehemently. They avoid spin control and share the information openly with everyone.CONCLUSIONObviously, there are many other ways a leader can influence his business.There are plenty of l eadership styles which different people have adopted to gain unprecedented success.All these styles incorporate different leadership skills and qualities.Regardless of the style you choose, you will be in a better position to lead your team successfully if you display any or all of the traits listed above.

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How does Lincoln’s Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg” demonstrate his rhetorical skill - Free Essay Example

Introduction The following essay is a summary of the address delivered by Abraham Lincoln during the time he was dedicating the cemetery of Gettysburg during the American civil war 1863. The speech came just after the war with the belief of transcendentalism which came upon with Henry, Ralph, Margaret and other members in a club. They had a conviction that one should accept ideas as a way in which they can understand relationships in life but not as beliefs of religion. The speech was one of the best with a rhetorical effect on the nation. Lincoln addressed the issue of human equality and democracy, he made people listen to his speech over and over again just to get the reason of having a civil war that will briing a new birth to the democracy of America. Lincoln’s point of view Lincoln’s speech being one of the best speech in America’s history it is said to be contradicting. He took time to examine the founding principles of the United States by putting forward his statement about the democrat America saying that are government that is made of people who have been chosen by the people to serve the interests of the people cannot perish. This speech supported to the utopian experiments which were started by the transcendalists in Brook farm and the Fruitland. Lincoln did not use the words â€Å"Gettysburg,† â€Å"slavery,† â€Å"confederate, â€Å"south† â€Å"Battle,† â€Å"Cemetery,† or â€Å"Union† to bring diversity among the Americans but spoke in abstract terms. He made his speech sound so unique from the Confederacy and this emphasized on healing the country as written in the declaration of independence. Summary The address Lincoln presented had many rhetorical devices which would have been taken as a poem but with the strategic use of grammatical parallelism, antithesis and repetition it was eventually understood even though the public reactions was divided.

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Hr421 Lit Review - 626 Words

Running Head: Employee Development Employee Development and the Park University In today’s competitive business world, it is important to have fully trained and well-versed employees, which can help make or break an organization. By having an employee development plan, or career path if you will, it allows employees to set career goals. This allows companies to ensure employees are fully capable of performing their assigned duties. The following chapter, Chapter 9, discussed methods of employee development. This chapter covered current trends associated with formal education, effective development strategies, as well as how to design a†¦show more content†¦This premise is so important that many companies now use web-based matching systems to help match mentors and protà ©gà ©s (Noe, 2010). Companies can also utilize software to also build development plans, set goals and track the mentors and protà ©gà ©s progress. Wyndham’s hotel chain found that their mentorship program participation tripled once they introduced the web-based mat ching system (Noe, 2010). Coaching, normally utilized at the managerial level, provides employees with resources that they might not normally have access to, such as mentors, courses and job experiences (Noe, 2010). It is imperative that the right coaches are selected for these developmental programs. The best coaches are those that are empathetic, supportive, practical, and self-confident while appearing to not know it all or want to tell others what to do (Noe, 2010). By providing coaching to new managers, it teaches them how to deal with a variety of situations in the workplace while maintaining professionalism and the corporate goals. In conclusion, while conducting this review, I found that this chapter offered many tools that can be utilized to develop an effective training plan. While any form of employee development is beneficial, mentoring and coaching have proven to be very effective. By offering these volunteer programs, it allows all parties involved, the mentor,